Clothing Tech
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High-tech moisture-wicking fabric.

RideElite is our most advanced fabric, a new standard for high performance cycle sports. RideElite blends the state-of-the-art moisture wicking properties of Coolmax fabric, with the external heat-retarding, and body heat expulsion characteristics of CoolBestII. It is a unique formula, perhaps the coolest, most comfortable cycle fabric on the market.
For hot, humid weather use / All seasons use
Polyester (Coolmax 45% + Coolbest II 55%)


RideCool 2
Classic moisture-wicking fabric.

The 2nd generation of our rideCOOL fabric has the same moisture wicking, heat-retarding, and heat expelling properties that keep you cool and comfortable, but is now 13% lighter, and softer.
All seasons use


Anti-slip elastic fabric.

RideNON-SLIP fabric was created to keep cuffs and leg openings firmly in place without any loss of comfort.
All seasons use


RideAir 2
Lets cool air in, expels hot air.

RideAir 2 features a large hole weave that amplifies the cooling function of the fabric. It also features excellent moisture wicking properties, efficient heat-retarding and heat expulsion characteristics, and a high level of elasticity.
Summer use


Maximum elasticity, maximum comfort.

RideFlex fabric features excellent moisture wicking properties, heat-retarding and heat expulsion characteristics, with the addition of elastic fiber that hugs the body and supports the muscles.
All seasons use
Polyester 84% + Elastane 16%


Body hugging muscle support.

Our moisture wicking elastane stretch fabric hugs the body and supports the muscles, springing back into shape time after time. With the added benefit of a special quick dry treatment, RideElastan spreads moisture over a larger surface, speeding evaporative cooling–that means a dryer ride. Smooth, comfortable surface.
All seasons use
Nylon 82% + Elastane 18% 


Combed Cotton Socks

Combed cotton is an extremely soft, strong version of cotton made by specially treating cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. Comfortable combed cotton is great for clothing which is worn directly against the skin. As the long, strong fibers of combed cotton are more durable than standard cotton, and it is a material well suited for sports use.


Silver Yarn Socks

Silver yarn in fabric is highly effective in controlling or even eliminating bacteria. The reduction in bacteria reduces the likelihood of unpleasant foot odour. It also insulates against heat or cold, and reduces electrical static.


Coolmax Socks

Coolmax fabric is designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus, keeping your feeling cool and dry. Coolmax delivers performance and comfort through the use of proprietary polyester fibers with unique engineered microchannel cross sections and specially engineered two sided, denier gradient fabric made using polyester or nylon yarns.


Compressive Socks

• Prevent sedema
• Progressive pressure

Compression socks are specially designed to apply specific, progressive elasticity to the feet to stimulate blood flow, reduce foot swelling, and discomfort during extended rides. Made from soft, combed cotton.


Chitosan Rayon Fiber Socks

Chitosan has powerful absorption qualities, drawing perspiration away from the skin, keeping feet dry and comfortable. It is also effective against bacteria. Extracted from the shells of crabs, Chitosan is 100% natural.


Infrared Ray Fiber Socks

The textile fiber used in the socks involves highest moisture transfer cotton yam with:Nano-Far InfraRed Ray Fiber and Nano-Anion Health-Care+


Bamboo Carbon Nano Yarn Socks

Bamboo-carbon nano technology involves impregnating cotton yarn with nano-sized particles of bamboo charcoal. The bamboo-carbon nano emits for infrared rays onto the skin, giving the socks excellent thermal properties, making them ideal for winter use. Bamboo-carbon nano also promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, acts as a deodorant. Bamboo-carbon nano socks have powerful moisture absorption qualities, drawing perspiration away from the skin. Repeated washing will not diminish the efficacy of the socks.